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CNC Machines

If you think CNC technology is something you can't afford, think again.

    Located in Cochin, Kerala, Axiconn has been serving the CNC industry since 2008, bringing affordable automation to businesses just like yours. Our experience, innovation and insight have helped our customers streamline their production and grow their businesses.

    Our machining centers are designed for easy maintenance and built to the strictest standards using industrial-quality components. Our commitment to quality and performance is shown by how we stand behind our machinery.

    Axiconn's machining center give big league power, control and results at an entry level price.

    Today, the same technology that we originally brought to CNC Plasma is now being successfully applied to router, plasma, water-jet and knife-cutting applications.

       Expect the best and affordable solution to your requirements

    We've built our business listening to customers just like you. We know what you want in a CNC machining center, what you need, and most importantly, what you can afford.