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    True Indian machines for Indian conditions. Tough in terms of build, high on quality but affordable. This is what makes our machines stand apart from other mass produced and imported machines. The unique process of the build happens with the customer’s requirement in mind and is a true custom build. Our machines are built for a machinist by a machinist. Taking into account of all the practical issues and using the best of the local knowledge and support. What else could you ask for, ”A world class machine with the best local support to match”. Steel welded frames and components are treated as they are supposed to be, welded frames are stress relieved and the components machined are matched to their required grades.

    The extended warranty makes sure that the machine is up and running when it is meant to be. This means less downtime and more productivity.

    The Axiconn machines and controllers are built to stock in-house. We do not buy and re-sell our CNC Driving System. So we'll never bounce you to a third-party vendor for limited support to either their controller or another vendor's machine.