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The Promax machines can be modified for waterjet cutting of virtually any part out of almost any material. If you already have waterjet equipment, we can easily retrofit it to our machine.  

Among other applications, waterjet cutters have become a popular choice of mass producing machinery components, cutting precision for high-tech industries and fabricating granite counter-tops and architectural accents. (Some of the few materials that cannot be effectively cut with a waterjet cutter include tempered glass, which shatters when cut, and certain ceramics.)

Waterjet is the machine of choice for many architectural designs, tooling and manufacturing needs. The best part of waterjet cuttting is that there is no heating of the work-piece.

The versatility of the machine proves a worthy choice for many of the advanced shopfloor. From Acrylic to Titanium, there are endless possibilities for a waterjet. The best aspect of waterjet cutting is that there is no heat affected zones, proving vital to Aerospace industry.

We manufacture the CNC Machine and the waterjet pump of your choice can be integrated into our system. Right from advanced German pump to simple Chinese pumps.